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Sept. 2013 Newsletter

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September Newsletter

Ossur Introduces the World’s First Microprocessor Foot

Ossur’s Proprio Foot is the world’s first intelligent foot module. A wide and automated range of ankle flexion with proven Flex-Foot dynamics means function is as close as you can get today to the human foot.

The Proprio Foot thinks for itself, responding to changing terrain and transforming the approach to stairs and slopes, as well as level-ground walking. Angling itself appropriately, it also helps amputees to sit and stand up easily and more naturally. The Proprio Foot also has a calibrated alignment control feature. Overall, the effect is a feeling of improved proprioception with a more balanced, symmetric and confident gait with reduced wear and tear on the back, hips and knees.

Amputee Support Group

Amputee support groups are held the second Thursday of every month. Meetings are held at 5323 South Woodrow Street (120 West), Suite 102, Salt Lake City, UT. If you would like additional information please contact Dayna Nichols at (801) 466-8722 or Tonya at (801) 713-1010.

Tips for Success as an Amputee During the First Year

Following are eight suggestions from Chris Bretoi, a 17 year amputee (published in the September/October issue of inMotion Magazine):

  1. Maintain your relationships with friends, family and community. They are your support group and are more important now than ever.
  2. Find a good Prosthetist by conducting interviews and follow up with references. Not all Prosthetist are created equal.
  3. Decide for yourself what your limitations are. There is always someone who says you’ll never do this or you’ll never to that. If you listen to these, people, you’ll spend the rest of your life in bed.
  4. Find ways to maintain a healthful lifestyle. This includes finding ways to rev up your heart rate for a good cardiovascular workout and eating a healthful diet. (Of course, you should check with your doctor before changing your exercise regimen).
  5. Maintain a consistent weight. This will help reduce changes in the fit of your prosthetic socket.
  6. Be vigilant in maintaining a healthy residual limb. Daily hygiene is critical.
  7. Work on your core strength and muscle elasticity. Exercise regularly to maintain or strengthen your stomach and back muscles because being an amputee puts extra stress on your lower back. Also, keep your muscles limber through regular stretching.
  8. Be patient your first year and try not to be discourage. It is a huge adjustment.


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